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Women who use cannabis are not all hippies, stoners, or slackers, far from it.
We're successful women who get shit done, who also happen to consume cannabis. These are our stories.


the ocd duck on drugs

A yoga teacher once told me I reminded her of a duck: Calm on the surface of the water but underneath it, paddling furiously. And she's right - to most people, I'm pretty mellow in most of the things I do. My mind, on the other hand, is going a mile a minute - and always has. It's a symptom of OCD, which I know is a casually-used term these days. But my OCD is very real - and has been rolling around in my head for as long as I can remember. (Keep Reading)



I never meant for it to be a “thing”. I only reached out because, in our handful of past encounters throughout my twenties, you helped me disconnect from reality for a minute and give me a good laugh. There was never any real attraction, only brief moments of fun and a few moments of pure panic (including one fateful night where, after consuming you + brownies, I honest to goodness believed that I had become a couch.) Never did I consider that you and I had both grown up since our last hang or that we could ever be anything more than just casual acquaintances who bumped into each other at house parties or music festivals. (Keep Reading)



Having dealt with cranial pain since I was 8 years old, I know what unimaginable pain and suffering feels like. Many years later, a twenty-six-month long migraine took over my life. I became my own advocate in the medical world. No solution would even touch the discomfort, including over thirty prescriptions, hospital stays, and negative results. I demanded test after test, only to come up empty-handed with zero answers. (Keep Reading)