inex women is a community for high-performing women invested in their
health and wellness, careers, and enhancing, not escaping
their lives with cannabis.


I’ve discovered that, for me, mindfulness is about going inward, listening to and observing my thoughts from an outsider’s perspective. (Read more)

I was told to reach and I reached further. Push, and I pushed harder. Feeling each position intensely, I became present. (Read more)

As soon as I started smoking, I felt my mind slow down (not turn off) and I found I could enjoy myself and the imperfections of the world. (Read more) 

Q: I've recently been hearing more and more about something called, "CBD", and I'm confused - is it weed or not? 
(Read more)

And to think, 6 months ago I didn't know the difference between Indica and Sativa, and now I'm slathering my body with weed every morning. (Read more)

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