Finding Migraine Relief w/Marijuana

Finding Migraine Relief w/Marijuana

by Hope Marian

Many people have asked me how I survive day to day with my condition, wondering how I can have the energy and passion to reach out to support and educate others who are suffering.

This is my story.

Having dealt with cranial pain since I was 8 years old, I know what unimaginable pain and suffering feels like. Many years later, a twenty-six-month long migraine took over my life. I became my own advocate in the medical world. No solution would even touch the discomfort, including over thirty prescriptions, hospital stays, and negative results. I demanded test after test, only to come up empty-handed with zero answers.

As someone who has spent days at a time in a dark room, I can resonate with the detriment of daily intractable migraine. After being told, "You’ve run out of options", I knew that I had to find my own solution and peace. I used cannabis and a multitude of other tools as my forces against my migraine cycle, and fell in love with this plant after continuing my work in the cannabis movement. Surprisingly, it also treated the other conditions that come with the dysfunction.

My technique helped to push me to escape a deadly cycle, and I've learned to value health and time more than ever. I forge ahead and stay thankful for what I am still able to do, but have acceptance for what I can't control. I have been my own advocate, navigating the healthcare system and defending my rights when needed. Instead of feeling fear, heartache and sadness over pieces of my life have been taken away, I feel thankful for all I am able to accomplish. This positive approach motivated me to create a network of services that are easily accessible to everyone. In 2016 I returned to school to earn my Masters in Business Administration in Management to increase my academic credentials and knowledge in my field.

I found that for many women, developing a career can involve tackling personal obstacles or perceived obstacles along the way. A proactive and determined stance is critical to career success, coupled with strategic planning and reevaluation as needed. Unfortunately, negative thoughts and behaviors interfere with positive problem solving and strong energy levels. Often when we have an obstacle to overcome, these negative messages are played over and over in our minds. It’s important to follow our passions and remember what inspired us to start our projects, and we need time to remember our accomplishments and take stock of them during tough times. In my case, realizing the enormous potential of cannabis to change lives spurred me to join the movement and develop programs to help others.

Focusing on the positives has increased my energy and renewed my commitment to goals and objectives. In the process, I realized that it also very important to take time for relaxation, so that we return to our work refreshed. Networking within our field and in our personal lives is also critical and combats burnout. The support and validation that we provide to each other are invaluable.

The Hope Collective was created as an education and support platform for general cannabis education. We work with adults of all ages, those with different levels of experience using cannabis, medical patients, healthcare providers, non-medical users and fellow cannabis professionals. One of the areas focused on is migraine relief while using cannabis. MigraineHope is a project that guides those looking to learn about natural ways to treat the disease so migraineurs can live in comfort. We provide education and support, through events, educational resources, and discussion groups.

Hope Marian is an educator, influencer, speaker and event planner. Hope advocates nationally for whole plant reform and awareness. She believes that cannabis is an integrative part of the healing process, and supports a healthy whole lifestyle. She emerged into the cannabis movement as an advocate and patient. She then starting working with a start-up dispensary, on the east coast. Contributing to all aspects of the organization, Hope guided and assisted patients in the newly launched medical marijuana program. Research was conducted to develop organizational procedures. Hope has also worked as the marketing and social media coordinator for various causes and agencies. She earned her undergraduate degree in Management and is finishing her MBA this month. Hope has studied cannabis at the Institute of Cannabis and participated as a member on the MassCann/NORML Educational committee.

What the hell is CBD?

What the hell is CBD?